Lotus Wei Flower Essence Mists

What an amazing review of the Lotus Wei mists! A review of the Lotus Wei flower elixirs will be up in about a month.. ❤️

Beauty By Britanie

Wei is Mandarin for ‘transformative action’. Everything we create has a tangible, authentic positive effect on mind and body.”

I am absolutely loving these beautiful little flower essence energy mists from the lovely Lotus Wei. They are so convenient to travel with and use in everyday life. I love to spray these on my pillow cases, clothes, wrists and in front of my face and take a deep breath and feel the flower essences working their powers!

These are such a beautiful addition to my mornings, afternoons and nights. They remind me to stop, breathe, relax and smile.


Flower Power:

*Arctic Lupine – Calm, comfort, peacefulness, effortless, strength

*Red Hibiscus – Hope, fresh perspective, relief after long periods of stress

*Silk Floss – Confidence, centeredness, fullest self-expression

*Mountain Laurel – Letting it all hang out; feeling supported by life

*Pink Lotus – wisdom, insight…

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