Argo Naturals Review (Thanaka powder)

Thanaka Powder is an all-natural facial mask powder made out of hand-selected barks from the Burmese Thanaka tree.

Today I will be reviewing one of Argo Naturals best selling product, the Pure Thanaka Powder. 


 The powder is infused with many natural and healthy ingredients which are very beneficial for the skin. One of which being Vitamin E. It is a natural antioxidant which protects our skin against free radicals, polluted air and harmful UV-rays. It also has moisturising properties! 


 Pure Thanaka Powder contains various ingredients that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. These active ingredients are responsible for removing pimples and controlling excessive facial OIL.
It also contains properties that inhibit Tyrosinase and therefore brighten a dull skin complexion. 

 There are many uses to this very versatile powder. Firstly, you can use it as a setting or face powder in general. It does not provide any coverage. However, it sets makeup beautifully. 


 Secondly, it can be used as a cleanser. You can just mix it with a little bit of water. Its’ very fine particles effectively remove dead skin cells from the outermost layer of your skin, resulting in a smooth and soft skin.

Last but not least, I think you could get the most out of this powder by using it as a mask. Add the same proportion of powder and water, mix them until you get the perfect paste-like consistency. Application is easy, it spreads out like a dream and does not clump together. I apply it on cleansed face, and leave it on for about 10-15minutes. I rinse it out with lukewarm water after. Oh! I forgot to mention, you can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the mixture to boost the effects of the mask.

I think this is the most natural face mask that I have ever used. It literally only contains 100% Grade A Thanaka powder. 

The packaging is also really beautiful! It comes in a bamboo jar and lid. This 65g jar is probably going to last me 6months with consistent usage. It retails for USD39.90. They also do sell the refill separately so you can save your jar and just refill the powder! ๐Ÿ™‚

For more information, you can visit/contact them at:
email :

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      Hi! Nope, unfortunately it didn’t come with them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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