The Little Alchemist Review

The Little Alchemist natural skin care company is an Australian brand that offers a unique range of anti aging skin care products, natural perfumes & deliciously nourishing shea body butters. Combing our passion for natural healthy ingredients & our penchant for luxury, artisan quality we create our products by hand in small batches. Marrying together the finest organic, natural ingredients & the latest cosmeceutical bio actives to bring you a 100% fresh, pure & concentrated skin care solution to nourish, protect & feed your skin with vital nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants.

I will be reviewing 3 products today – the Papaya Geranium Cleansing Milk, Ultra C Radiance Serum and last but not least, the Anti Ageing Defence complex.

Ultra C Radiance Serum 

This is an intensive Rosehip oil based anti aging vitamin C serum containing a synergistic blend of high potency cosmecuectical actives in a base of nutrient rich & hydrating oils for vibrant & healthy skin. It is formulated for tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin.
It has a citrusy scent to it, probably because of the Vitamin C infused in it! It comes in a translucent oil formula, which isn’t too heavy or sticky. It glides on really smoothly on the skin. Because its of a rather thin consistency, I need about 1 pump of this to cover my entire face, which is quite a bummer 😦 However, it does its job. Makes my face radiant looking and moisturised. This is moisturising enough, so you can skip moisturiser after! (For combination skins) This retails at $69 for the 1oz dropper bottle. 

Anti Ageing Defence Complex 

An anti ageing face cream, formulated with their unique anti ageing complex to help improve skin texture and lock in moisture. Even though I am not sure about the anti ageing part, this face cream has definitely moisturised my skin well. It is thick in consistency and I only need 1/2 to 3/4 pump to cover my entire face and neck. This smells really good! It has a dairy kind of scent to it which I love! This retails at $86 for the 1.69oz pump bottle.

Papaya Geranium Cleansing Milk 

This is a creamy and nourishing cleanser. It is also very gentle as well, hence, I like to use in on lazy days or mornings when no makeup is involved! If you’d like a more thorough cleanse, you can try their Wild Apple and Mint Purifying gel Cleanser. I haven’t tried that yet, however, I am sure that it’s really refreshing with the mint infusion. Anyways, moving on to the review, I feel like I do not need any moisturisers after cleansing my face with this as it is that moisturising! But of course, ones’ skincare regimen is never completed without a serum or moisturiser! This cleansing milk retails at $38 for the 100ml pump bottle. 

Not forgetting, the products were accompanied by this cute and versatile draw string bag which is great for travelling or bringing the products with you on the go!

That’s all for the review today! 🙂 

For more information, you can contact/visit them at: The Little Alchemist Natural SKIN Care
PO BOX 281, GALSTON, NSW, 2159
p: 0410 337 116 (inside Australia)
p: +61 410 337 116 (outside Australia)


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