Tea Tree Facial Scrub & Rose Mud Mask (Flenco Review)

Hello! I am back with another Flenco review. I have been using a range of products from them and I’ve been loving them so far. Today, I will be reviewing the Tea Tree facial scrub and Rose Mud Mask.


A refreshing blend of Dead Sea minerals and black mud combined with Tea Tree oil.
Assists in preventing acne and pimples by gently cleansing the skin to remove
a build-up of excessive oils but which still locks in moisture to prevent over-drying.
It will rejuvenate your skin with minimum irritation and maximum benefit due to
the enhanced benefits of Tea Tree oil.

My thoughts:

I feel that this scrub really gives me that once-a-week cleanse I need for my face! It really helps exfoliate my face and give me that baby-butt smooth face I longed for ever since. Unlike any other facial scrubs, the exfoliating beads are not harsh at all and does its’ job! Also, a little goes a long way and this jar is probably going to last me a long time. It comes with a small spatula and just a tiny scoop with it is all you really need for one usage! Priced at $80, considering that it will last such a long time, it’s a good buy!


A perfect blend of Dead Sea magical black mud and rose oil to help fight acne
and honey that has a natural purifying and lifting effect.
Honey is known to be a natural skin softener used in formulation
as an emollient, and a humectant. This blend actively draws
pimples to the surface, detoxifies bacteria, minimizes
appearance of pores, absorbs excess oil leaving skin clear,
clean and refreshed.

My thoughts:

I can’t say enough good things about this mask. It’s incredible! The moment I apply it onto my face, I could feel a tingly sensation. I knew then that it was definitely doing its’ job! This 90ml glass jar is priced at $80 and also comes with a spatula for easy and hygienic applications. I use about 5 scoops using the spatula to cover my entire face! So yes, this jar is probably going to last me a long time too. After every usage, I see a difference in my face. Iti really brightens it up and help combat my acne that I’m blessed with every once in awhile. This is one skincare must-have for me and I don’t think I am able to live without it! I use this once a week.

If there’s one product you haveย to try from Flenco, it has definitely got to be the Rose Mud Mask! ๐Ÿ™‚

For more information, you can visit/contact them at:


For more information please visit them at:
131 Tanglin Road,
#02-17 Tudor Court,
Singapore 247942
email: info@flenco.com.sg
telephone: 6733 6672 / 8123 2781

EJ x


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