Feed Your Tresses (Audrey’s Salon Review)

As some of you may know, Salon that uses organic and natural products are pretty hard to come by. Especially here in Singapore!
Today, I am going to be reviewing the Yarok treatment that the lovely Audrey did on me, featuring a scalp scrub!(what?)
Yes, Initially I didn’t know what a scalp scrub was or does. She then explained to me that it was similar to a facial scrub, but it’s for the scalp! It is to help exfoliate it and remove all the gunk that even shampoos can’t! Exactly what I needed, it’s been so long since I even used a clarifying shampoo.

YAROK – I didn’t know about this brand until Audrey happened! I fell in love with their brand upon knowing that they are all natural and even their packagings are biodegradable! They use herbs/plants and essential oils in all their products.

Firstly, Audrey examined my hair to determine the type of treatment I needed. She then concluded that I had an oily scalp, which is no surprise considering the nations weather!
She then proceeded to shampoo my hair with the..

YAROK FEED YOUR VOLUME SHAMPOO thoroughly, making sure my hair gets really cleansed before the treatment. The ingredient list didn’t have any chemicals at all and I’m really surprise that it still lather up like a dream! (Even without Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

Next, she rinsed my hair and applied the scalp scrub. Once she has applied it layer by layer, it became a shampoo-like consistency! This doesn’t have to be left on, it just needs to really be massaged all over to get ur scalp thoroughly cleansed!

Rinsing that off as well, she applied the


This is a multi purpose cream – you can use it as a cream to define your curls, or as a mask! In this case, she applied it as a mask. She only used 2 fingers to scoop out the product and it’s already enough to cover a chunk of my hair(I have pretty thick hair). After coating my hair with all that goodness, she placed a steamer around me so it will help my hair absorb the product better! Audrey then went through with me the range of products from Yarok and also explained more about it to me, which I will go more into in one of the next posts! 20 minutes later, she rinsed my hair and the treatment is almost done!
Time for some leave in of course ๐Ÿ™‚

She sprayed the YAROK FEED YOUR ENDS leave in conditioner

And the FEED YOUR SHINE serum all over my hair.
I could already feel my hair getting softer during the mid rinse!
She blew dry it and voila! Beautiful, silky and healthy hair I have never seen in quite awhile.
Overall, I’m really please with Audreys service and the treatment was one of the best I’ve ever tried. & knowing that the products are all organic and natural, this treatment definitely made it to the top of the list!
Yarok, a brand that I’ve never encountered until I visited their website.
You can get all the amazing products from Yarok that Audrey had used on me in this treatment from :

For more information, you can contact/visit them at:


56 Sembawang Road, #01-04 Hong Heng Mansion

Singapore 779086

Tel: 64581200



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