Hawaa – Soy Candles


If you have already read my Flenco introduction post, you would have known that I was sent a range of products from their company to review. I was really excited because they are an all natural company and they “give back”. ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be reviewing their products in a few posts based on their category.

Today, I will be doing a review on their Hawaa Candles.


They are candles that become perfume.
Each candle has an exotic aroma that burns into a scented perfume
for the body. The rich and unique scents evoking passion and love
melt into a soft soy wax, which is also a long-lasting moisturizer
when dabbed onto the skin! A perfect marriage of wind, love and
passion-that’s the Hawaa secret.
So ignite your candle and after 10 minutes enjoy the melted
soy lotion on your skin!


I was sent 2 different scents – Night Goddess & Afternoon Kiss.


Night goddess has more of a sweet vanillary scent, whereas, Afternoon kiss has a Sandalwoodish, soothing kind of scent.



Among the 2, Night goddess is hands downย my favourite scent. Personally, I really love sweet scents and anything related to vanilla!

I burn this candles for only about 5-10 minutes and the wax would have already melted enough to be applied on the body! The scent lasted about 3-4 hours on my body which is incredible, considering that it’s natural and made out of soy wax! It has been about 3 weeks since I first started burning the candles and I’m still left with slightly more than 3/4 of it. These candles are definitely going to last me a long time and a little goes a long way when you’re applying it as a perfume! I am really glad that I’m able to find an all natural alternative to my Victoria Secret perfume. Ever since I have started using the candles, I have stopped using my VS perfume!

You can get your very own soy lotion candles from WWW.FLENCO.COM.SG

For more information please visit them at:

131 Tanglin Road,
#02-17 Tudor Court,
Singapore 247942
email: info@flenco.com.sg
telephone: 6733 6672 / 8123 2781

E-Jan x



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