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Hello! So it’s been awhile since I actually posted something, and some things have changed……………..


Isn’t that exciting? Personally, I think that eating clean, and using natural products actually helps reduces acne and anxiety, which is amazing! I don’t eat a lot of fast food (maybe once a month) because I believe that whatever you put in your body will reflect on the outside.

Anyway, I was being sent some products to do a review on by Flenco!

Flenco first started out in 2009! They started out by blending the secrets of the Dead Sea with the unique benefits of Asian oils and Chinese medicine, which is designed for the Asian Climate! They are known all across asia and not forgetting, they’re eco-friendly as well!! To make them as eco-friendly as possible, they bottle all Flen products in recycled glass containers, which is awesome! They don’t only have an amazing skincare line, they also have spas throughout Asia and also live their belief through the Flenco’s Giveback Programme which help women make extra income, with no financial outlay! Amazing! 🙂

I was sent a few of their products, firstly, their Leefas!

flenco 7

I’m sure most of you know what loofahs are but what are Leefas?! They are actually part loofah, part soap! How cool is that?!

Proper skincare needs both cleansing and exfoliating. A natural Loofah wrapped around a pure soap, Leefa does both! As a result, they help you look feel and smell truly beautiful. Based on virgin olive oil, honey and essential oil and wrapped in a natural exfoliant.

I was sent 3 of them: Rose, Green Tea and Chamomile.

Rose: The essential rose oil is steam distilled from petals combined with honey and virgin olive oil to form a unique soap that is wrapped in natural loofah.

Perfect for sensitive skin and it’s unique scent has stress relieving and soothing properties.

Green Tea:

flenco 5

Green tea gently fights blemishes, reduces redness and irritation. Our soap combines green tea with honey and virgin olive oil to help moisturize your skin and it’s wrapped in a natural loofah to exfoliate your skin gently.



Sooth your skin with camomile essential oil and moisturize it with combined honey and virgin olive oil, all in our soap wrapped in natural loofah.

I love the scent of the rose leefa the most, however, I think Green Tea will work the best for me! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

Next are their facial scrubs!!

I am so lucky to be able to try out 2 of them!

Tea Tree Facial Scrub :

flenco 8

A refreshing blend of Dead Sea minerals and black mud combined with Tea Tree oil.
Assists in preventing acne and pimples by gently cleansing the skin to remove
a build-up of excessive oils but which still locks in moisture to prevent over-drying.
It will rejuvenate your skin with minimum irritation and maximum benefit due to
the enhanced benefits of Tea Tree oil.

Rose Facial Scrub :

flenco 9

A delicate cleanser with anti-aging properties that softens
as it gently exfoliates using Dead Sea minerals and black mud
combined with Rose oil. Helps reduce fine lines and stimulates
collagen production.
This exceptional deep cleansing exfoliant can help to remove
impurities and excess oil whilst toning and nourishing the skin,
producting a radiant healthy appearance.

I think that the Tea Tree Facial Scrub smells really nice and I am pretty confident that the Tea Tree Oil infused in it will help with the troubled skin I’m combating right now!

Next is the Body scrub!!

Olive Dead Sea Body Scrub :

flenco 0

Our Olive Dead Sea Body Scrub helps bring back a polished, glowing
appearance. Formulated with Dead Sea Salts and blended with almond
jojoba and avocado, it naturally moisterizes and softens the skin
while its natural exfoliants gently removes dead skin cells, leaving it
silky soft.
It is enhanced with essential Olive oil which helps replenish lost
moisture on your newly rejuvenated skin. It supports the body’s
circulation by the removal of dead skin cells and by permeating
the skin capillaries.
Suitable for pregnant women or those with sensitive skin
prone to irritation.

I was also sent the Rose Mud Mask, Grapefruit Night Moisturizing Oil and 2 Hawaa Candles(NOT JUST ANY ORDINARY CANDLES)!

Grapefruit Night Moisturizing Oil:

A unique blend of Dead Sea minerals with the essential oil of grapefruit
that will help restore your skin’s PH balance, get rid of all toxins, tone it and
moisturize it through out the evening top wake up to a youthful new you.
Suitable for combination or dry skin and to be applied at night.

Rose Mud Mask:


A perfect blend of Dead Sea magical black mud and rose oil to help fight acne
and honey that has a natural purifying and lifting effect.
Honey is known to be a natural skin softener used in formulation
as an emollient, and a humectant. This blend actively draws
pimples to the surface, detoxifies bacteria, minimizes
appearance of pores, absorbs excess oil leaving skin clear,
clean and refreshed.

So.. why did I say that their Hawaa candles aren’t just any ordinary candles?

They are Natural Soy candles that becomes perfume!!! WHAT????!! How is that even possible right?

Each candle has an exotic aroma that burns into a scented perfume for the body. The rich and unique scents evoking passion and love melt into a soft soy wax, which is also a long-lasting moisturiser when dabbed onto the skin! A perfect marriage of wind, love and passion-that’s the Hawaa secret. So ignite your candle and after 10 minutes enjoy the melted soy lotion on your skin!

Afternoon Kiss :

flenco afternoon

“A break for your soul”
Take stolen moments to enjoy a perfect partnership
between sandalwood and amber with a scent
that will sooth your mind and body.

Night Goddess :

flenco night

“Just like a goddess venture into the magic of the night”
Unlock the mysteries of the night with a romantic
mix of vanilla and bergamot.


I can’t wait to try all this products out and come back with a review! I’m pretty confident that I’ll love all of them.

The Pricelist are as follows (in SGD):

Leefa – $24 ea

Rose Facial Scrub(90ml) – $80

Tea Tree Facial Scrub(90ml) – $80

Olive Dead Sea Body Scrub(450g) – $85

Grapefruit Facial Night Moisturizing Oil(100ml) – $75

Rose Mud Mask(90ml) – $80

Hawaa Candles(Small/Large) – $30/$70


You can also get these amazing products from :



For more information please visit them at:
131 Tanglin Road,
#02-17 Tudor Court,
Singapore 247942
telephone: 6733 6672 / 8123 2781